Who are at The Winners of 2016

Join in the fun & rock your #Sunday with #Miss/Ms/Mrs Global Expat Singapore 2016 Grand Finalists on 28/8/16 at Orchid Country Club. Proudly organised by AVA-events & Style Etiquette #Ashima #Vanz


Style and Etiquette

On August 4th, the finalist of the #Miss /Ms/Mrs. Global Expat Singapore pageant attended a style and etiquette workshop conducted by former Mrs. Singapore India 2013, Vanithadevi Saravanamuttu, who is also  one of the main organizers of the event. For many of these women, the workshop was about confidence. Self-confidence that revolves around presenting themselves to a crowd and embodying mannerisms of a woman who knows and believes in herself.


It started off with perfecting the art of a catwalk. Each contestant took turns to walk the ramp as Vanitha gives them points of critique on the posing, posture and expression. Some were nervous. Some are confident. Some were in between the two. But ultimately, they charged forth and faced their inhibitions with a positive attitude.

Following the walk, the ladies were asked to come up in front of their competitors and said their names – what they do and some hobbies. From learning to project their voices to introducing themselves on the spot, the ladies laughed, stumbled and caught themselves before they fell. Some stood out with louder voice projections, confident stances and interesting stories.

Soon after, much like sitting around a campfire, the ladies went through potential questions that they could be asked. You can tell many are nervous but excited about their ideas. Vanitha gave them pieces of advice from shortening their lines to applauding certain performance such as Pam’s because her lines were impromptu, fluent and didn’t appear fake.



Other questions that could be asked include, “Other than you, who should be picked as the title?”, encouraging the notion that it is important to know the competition well.

Wrapping up, Vanitha emphasized that the judges could want to see the value of the answer more than anything. You could tell by the way in which they listened – her points were noted, absorbed and and the excitement for the ultimate pageant to rise to an occasion on a new level. #Throwback #JourneyofTransformation #SelfDiscovery

Contributed by Srushti Kamat (Journalism understudy from University of Oregon)

A night with the ladies 

Beauty, confidence and flare filled the room as the contestants of this year’s Ms/Mrs Global Expat Singapore did theirdress fittings at #Anna Rainn on Friday evening. It was fun and refreshing to observe the comradery embodied among the women who competing for the crown; it was like a bunch of really good girlfriends hanging out on a Friday night, rather than a group of opponents getting ready for a competition. One of this year’s finalists said, “It was a bunch of crazy girls getting together.” Many of these women are novice pageant contestants and have never modelled before, so the #poise and #tenacity, which I witnessed within each and every one of these women, was a pleasant surprise.

When asked why they joined the pageant, a number of the women had similar responses; they wanted to try something new and build inner #confidence. Many of these women have successful careers and have brought up families of their own, yet there is a surprising yearning to accept and embody their internal and external beauty; something that many women of all ages and nationalities can relate to. However, the willingness to overcome their fears, try something new, and do it in front of the eyes of hundreds of people demonstrates how courageous these women truly are.The choice to use Anna Rainn for this year’s gown sponsor could not be a better fit. Founder, Johnston aims to make women feel beautiful, confident, and “just plain good” in their bodies with her stylish designs.

Five years ago Johnston found herself at a loss when searching for a dress to flatter her own beautiful and curvaceous figure; so she decided to make a dress that she would want to wear. By making some creative tweaks to the simple #wrapdress, Johnston’s dresses display seemless elegance and show off the wonderful womanly parts that need to be shown! She wants women to embrace and celebrate their curves. In addition to providing women with beautiful designs, Anna Rainn collections are all manufactured in #Singapore; you can shop with ease knowing that these beautiful dresses are ethically and locally produced. Unlike some major chain stores around town, Johnston only makes 20 dresses of the same print. You are highly unlikely to run into another woman wearing the same dress as you with these almost one of a kind designs! You can pick up your very own design by Anna Rainn at her Orchard Central and Great World City stores (www.annarainn.com)

With dresses that are designed to make women realize how beautiful they really are and build self-confidence, there is little doubt that every single one of these women will take home exactly what they hope to from being a part of Ms/Mrs Expat Singapore, even if they don’t win the crown!

– Charlii Mo


(Images by moi)

Stability & Everlasting

Yesterday’s shoe fitting at Riccino Shoes. I missed out so much! Fortunately, Vithya, my editorial saviour assisted and coordinated with the ladies and photographer, and make this post come true in time. My lateness Habibi was killer heels! We arrived at 6:30pm. The Prospects of Ms/Mrs Global Expat Singapore #2016, our official event organiser AVA-events and Style Etiquette arrived at the quaint little store at around 6.30pm, where they quickly choose the perfect shoe size, and had individual photographs taken by our official photographer, Mr. Vhok John of V John Photography Services.

snap shot ladies

Located at Orchard Plaza, Riccino’s was first founded by Gino Singh and his friend Richard. They were meant to look after the shoe store left by Richard’s father, which then specialised in shoes for the traffic police. However, they decided to turn it into a baby shoe store, and from there, it progressed to become one of the finest footwear stores in Singapore.


Gino shoes and clutch.jpg

During the shoe fitting workshop, the Prospects had a chance to mingle and shop in the quaint little store, chat with the founder, Mr Gino himself, as well as finding their best feet on the specially designed ‪#‎Pagaent‬ shoes. It was a fun filled evening, filled with a lot of getting to know each others, as well as tips from the founder on how to dance on stage with 5 inch heels! It’s not an easy feat after all!

prospect & silver xxxv


One rule that was set: prospects are encourage to showcase shoes by sponsored by Riccino Shoes on the finals evening. Mr Gino is going to be one of the Judging Panel, he openly stated that he would deduct points if he caught anymore wearing anything but Riccino’s. 🙂 Having said that, he offered a few practical and useful tips like, the ankle straps designed for his shoes are to ensure maximum stability and balance for his customers. And in heels, if platforms are added, they allow the feet to last a little longer. Wow! I have learnt so much about shoes, said Vithya to me last night 🙂.


The mingling lasted till 8.20pm, which was when the group was called for a final meeting and was dismissed. The finalist went home looking satisfied and excited about the upcoming events leading up to the finals, and so are we to write about it! So stay tuned! Lets Think Aloud

Video Houze Pte Ltd Orchid Country Club

(Images taken by Vithya Sri)

This Week’s Six Pillars – Musical Encounters, Bahrain

Six Pillars

Wed July 20th 9pm

The second of three broadcasts made at Malja studios in the Kingdom of Bahrain, by Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver – musical encounters at Malja Bahrain, with other musicians including Maxeem Meraki on Bouzouki, Hasan Hujairi on electronics, Fari Bradley on Rhodes key piano and push controller, and Chris Weaver on domestic objects and electronics. Produced by Chris Weaver.IMG_2317.JPG
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Beauty, Elegance and Definition

Showcase, Talents and Wisdom!

It’s that time of the year again, where married or singles global or local expatriates can show off their outstanding beauty and talents at Ms/Mrs Global Expat Singapore 2016. The platform aims to serve as a transformation platform for ladies mainly from the local and global expatriates community in Singapore, providing an opportunities for them to discover and showcase their beauty, talent, and magically, discovering their inner beauties through a 6-week intensive self discovery fun-loving journey. The finals of the pageant on 28th August 2016, according to the organiser, will be telecast later in South Asia by Colors TV Singapore. The Mrs.Global Expat Singapore Pageant is more glamorous and fabulous than its previous inaugural edition. The finalists have the opportunities to participate in our specially curated activities and workshops related to #personal #development – beauty, talents, grooming, health and wellness, fitness, arts and culture, as well as business #entrepreneurship and social skills development . There are also many attractive prizes to be won. The founder of the official shoe sponsors Riccino Shoes, is conducting a talk on shoe fitting for the finalists Thursday on 21 July at their main boutique located at Orchard Plaza,150 Orchard Road #02-7 Orchard Plaza Singapore 238841. Riccino Shoes is one of the pioneers in footwear designs in Singapore, playing an important role in supporting and defining the beauty and elegance in pageantry business. Riccino Shoes manufactures ‪#‎bespoke‬ women’s shoes made of the finest ‪#‎quality‬ leathers and impeccable #craftsmanship.

Gold Model: xxx2
Silver Model: xxxv

Email: sales@riccino.com.sg www.riccino.com.sg.

Main Boutique
150 Orchard Road
#02-07 Orchard Plaza
Singapore 238841
Tel : 67347466
Monday to Saturday : 11am to 7.30pm
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

Official Facebook page:  Ms/Mrs Global Expat Singapore 2016.

While doing so, do lookup the details of the organisers, sponsors and production crew for what’s next ?!

Official Event Organiser: AVA-events and Style Etiquette

Official Venue Sponsor (Auditions): Bollywood LAH
Official Venue (Finals): Orchid Country Club
Official Photographer: V John Photography Services
Official Production Crew: Video Houze Pte Ltd
Online Media Partner: Lets Think Aloud
Editorial Assistant: Vithya Sri

(Image courtesy of Riccino Shoes)

The Wind Will Carry Us….Away – RIP Abbas Kiarostami

Six Pillars

Film maker, poet, photographer, Kiarostami (b.1940) died of complications due to a long battle with cancer, at the age of 76 in Paris yesterday.

From working in advertisements, managing the film department for centre of child education for the government, to winning the Palme d’Or at Cannes for A Taste of Cherry, and becoming a household name amongst cinefiles everywhere.

In the past we have interviewed him, broadcast his talks in London, reviewed,screened and followed his works and reviewed his films on national radio.

Since so much of his own poetry, photography and film is online, we select his works to speak for his achievements, as they speak loudly from within that minimal, pointed gaze for which he became known.  A clip of him speaking on Tarantino is also below “I’m not interested in his films as much as in he himself.”

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