Stability & Everlasting

Yesterday’s shoe fitting at Riccino Shoes. I missed out so much! Fortunately, Vithya, my editorial saviour assisted and coordinated with the ladies and photographer, and make this post come true in time. My lateness Habibi was killer heels! We arrived at 6:30pm. The Prospects of Ms/Mrs Global Expat Singapore #2016, our official event organiser AVA-events and Style Etiquette arrived at the quaint little store at around 6.30pm, where they quickly choose the perfect shoe size, and had individual photographs taken by our official photographer, Mr. Vhok John of V John Photography Services.

snap shot ladies

Located at Orchard Plaza, Riccino’s was first founded by Gino Singh and his friend Richard. They were meant to look after the shoe store left by Richard’s father, which then specialised in shoes for the traffic police. However, they decided to turn it into a baby shoe store, and from there, it progressed to become one of the finest footwear stores in Singapore.


Gino shoes and clutch.jpg

During the shoe fitting workshop, the Prospects had a chance to mingle and shop in the quaint little store, chat with the founder, Mr Gino himself, as well as finding their best feet on the specially designed ‪#‎Pagaent‬ shoes. It was a fun filled evening, filled with a lot of getting to know each others, as well as tips from the founder on how to dance on stage with 5 inch heels! It’s not an easy feat after all!

prospect & silver xxxv


One rule that was set: prospects are encourage to showcase shoes by sponsored by Riccino Shoes on the finals evening. Mr Gino is going to be one of the Judging Panel, he openly stated that he would deduct points if he caught anymore wearing anything but Riccino’s. 🙂 Having said that, he offered a few practical and useful tips like, the ankle straps designed for his shoes are to ensure maximum stability and balance for his customers. And in heels, if platforms are added, they allow the feet to last a little longer. Wow! I have learnt so much about shoes, said Vithya to me last night 🙂.


The mingling lasted till 8.20pm, which was when the group was called for a final meeting and was dismissed. The finalist went home looking satisfied and excited about the upcoming events leading up to the finals, and so are we to write about it! So stay tuned! Lets Think Aloud

Video Houze Pte Ltd Orchid Country Club

(Images taken by Vithya Sri)


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