A night with the ladies 

Beauty, confidence and flare filled the room as the contestants of this year’s Ms/Mrs Global Expat Singapore did theirdress fittings at #Anna Rainn on Friday evening. It was fun and refreshing to observe the comradery embodied among the women who competing for the crown; it was like a bunch of really good girlfriends hanging out on a Friday night, rather than a group of opponents getting ready for a competition. One of this year’s finalists said, “It was a bunch of crazy girls getting together.” Many of these women are novice pageant contestants and have never modelled before, so the #poise and #tenacity, which I witnessed within each and every one of these women, was a pleasant surprise.

When asked why they joined the pageant, a number of the women had similar responses; they wanted to try something new and build inner #confidence. Many of these women have successful careers and have brought up families of their own, yet there is a surprising yearning to accept and embody their internal and external beauty; something that many women of all ages and nationalities can relate to. However, the willingness to overcome their fears, try something new, and do it in front of the eyes of hundreds of people demonstrates how courageous these women truly are.The choice to use Anna Rainn for this year’s gown sponsor could not be a better fit. Founder, Johnston aims to make women feel beautiful, confident, and “just plain good” in their bodies with her stylish designs.

Five years ago Johnston found herself at a loss when searching for a dress to flatter her own beautiful and curvaceous figure; so she decided to make a dress that she would want to wear. By making some creative tweaks to the simple #wrapdress, Johnston’s dresses display seemless elegance and show off the wonderful womanly parts that need to be shown! She wants women to embrace and celebrate their curves. In addition to providing women with beautiful designs, Anna Rainn collections are all manufactured in #Singapore; you can shop with ease knowing that these beautiful dresses are ethically and locally produced. Unlike some major chain stores around town, Johnston only makes 20 dresses of the same print. You are highly unlikely to run into another woman wearing the same dress as you with these almost one of a kind designs! You can pick up your very own design by Anna Rainn at her Orchard Central and Great World City stores (www.annarainn.com)

With dresses that are designed to make women realize how beautiful they really are and build self-confidence, there is little doubt that every single one of these women will take home exactly what they hope to from being a part of Ms/Mrs Expat Singapore, even if they don’t win the crown!

– Charlii Mo


(Images by moi)


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