Style and Etiquette

On August 4th, the finalist of the #Miss /Ms/Mrs. Global Expat Singapore pageant attended a style and etiquette workshop conducted by former Mrs. Singapore India 2013, Vanithadevi Saravanamuttu, who is also  one of the main organizers of the event. For many of these women, the workshop was about confidence. Self-confidence that revolves around presenting themselves to a crowd and embodying mannerisms of a woman who knows and believes in herself.


It started off with perfecting the art of a catwalk. Each contestant took turns to walk the ramp as Vanitha gives them points of critique on the posing, posture and expression. Some were nervous. Some are confident. Some were in between the two. But ultimately, they charged forth and faced their inhibitions with a positive attitude.

Following the walk, the ladies were asked to come up in front of their competitors and said their names – what they do and some hobbies. From learning to project their voices to introducing themselves on the spot, the ladies laughed, stumbled and caught themselves before they fell. Some stood out with louder voice projections, confident stances and interesting stories.

Soon after, much like sitting around a campfire, the ladies went through potential questions that they could be asked. You can tell many are nervous but excited about their ideas. Vanitha gave them pieces of advice from shortening their lines to applauding certain performance such as Pam’s because her lines were impromptu, fluent and didn’t appear fake.



Other questions that could be asked include, “Other than you, who should be picked as the title?”, encouraging the notion that it is important to know the competition well.

Wrapping up, Vanitha emphasized that the judges could want to see the value of the answer more than anything. You could tell by the way in which they listened – her points were noted, absorbed and and the excitement for the ultimate pageant to rise to an occasion on a new level. #Throwback #JourneyofTransformation #SelfDiscovery

Contributed by Srushti Kamat (Journalism understudy from University of Oregon)


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